A message from Tom Boardley, Marine Director

Our Global Technology Vision

A sustainable future for Lloyd’s Register rests on enhancing our capabilities and being able to support the complex technical needs of our clients.

This move offers us a unique opportunity to not only maintain our reputation as a global leader, but also to create a research and development network around the world that combines the best of business, academia and government.

The development of our Global Technology Centre in Southampton and Singapore is central to this collaborative vision, and everyone can play a vital part in bringing this to life.

The Southampton Global Technology Centre will be an internationally recognised centre of excellence, bringing together research, innovation and education alongside our service delivery and global marine management functions.

The Centre opens in June 2014. It’s part of a £116 million (first-phase) state-of-the-art technology and training campus, designed to provide the industry with the technical and human expertise it needs.

By working with universities, research institutes, industry and governments we can play a more leading role in the global engineering and technology community – and, in turn, benefit society at large.

The centre will promote vital research into subjects such as cleaner fuels, safer work environments, and more dependable assets and infrastructure, which will be co-ordinated with other projects undertaken by the Group at academic institutions around the world.

The unique opportunity of Southampton

Co-location with the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Engineering and the Environment was a key driver in our decision to relocate to Southampton.

The move offers us significant access to the University’s R&D facilities and one of the few engineering schools rated 5* by the Research Assessment Exercise.

Our ability to attract talented people and provide an excellent working environment is equally important and the greatest concentration of the UK maritime industry is in the south of England, particularly around Southampton.

The Solent cluster contains major shipowners, builders such as BAeSystems and Sunseeker, technology companies such as QinetiQ and BMT, government bodies such as the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Marine Accident Investigation Board, major ports and terminals, as well as hundreds of marine industry SMEs.

Lloyd’s Register will be part of this, working alongside the world’s best maritime professionals.

The area around Southampton offers one of the best working environments that the UK can offer. Access to a wide range of housing and schools, beautiful countryside and coastline, and excellent transport links means that you can enjoy an excellent work/life balance.

We have an exciting future ahead of us and I hope the information contained in this brochure will provide you with the necessary information for the move. You are essential to achieving our vision.