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The aim of this section of the guide is to enable you to assess which areas around Southampton most suit your needs, therefore saving you time on visiting unsuitable locations. This will enable you to concentrate your homesearch on specific areas of interest from the start. Furthermore it will give you a basic understanding of the new area and allow you to verify information you are given by estate agents etc. This will help eliminate the costly mistake of choosing a property in the wrong area because you were ill informed.

The areas shown are all broadly within a 60 minute drivetime commute of the Southampton site at peak commuting times, but please note that not all the locations contained within the 60 minute drivetime are detailed within the home moving guide. By analysing the contents of this section you will have an awareness of what the new location offers in terms of property types, desirability and house prices coupled with local amenities/facilities from education to local banks/building societies.

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