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Around 7% of the total number of school children in the UK attend private school, these percentages increase for post-16 students.

The great majority of children that attend independent schools in the UK attend an ISC (Independent Schools Council) school, their website is a great information resource for independent education in the UK whilst also providing school search facilities.

A further great resource for locating Independent, Special, Boarding and International schools is through the isbi website and search facility.


These can vary tremendously dependant on which school you choose, how you choose your child to attend that school and in some instances where the school is located in the UK.

The average school fee at an ISC school in 2010/2011 was around £4300.00 per term, ranging from an average fee of £3655.00 termly at a day school through to an average fee of £8384.00 termly for a boarding school, you should also be aware and consider the additional expenditure that is involved which can include clothing, sports gear, books, society fees and travel.

However don’t be put off by these fees, as a large number of students which attend independent schools have some help with their fees, normally from their own schools in the form of scholarships or bursaries.

The Stages of Education in Independent Schooling

Pre-Prep School - Age 3 to 7
This is the fist time that most children will experience education and in stark contrast to most day-care facilities provided by nurseries children will begin to learn the basics of Mathematics, Science, English and so much more.

Prep School (Primary or Junior School) - Ages 7 to 11 or 7 to 13
Preparatory schools are the foundation for readying the children for their senior education and the associated examinations. Not being governed by the national curriculum each individual school can offer a range of subjects which they think best prepares the children for the road ahead these may include Latin, Philosophy and Physics coupled with a variety of international languages.

Senior School - Ages 11 to 16 or 13 to 16
This is where you will find the majority of children that are in independent education in the UK, the attraction to the independent sector is said to be that it offers an approach to education, subjects, facilities and sports which is unparalleled when compared to the state system, coupled with the high teaching standards which leads to consistently high grades.

From here most students will continue on into the sixth form and Further Education before rejoining the mainstream education system and continuing onto Higher Education in the desired University or College.

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