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Another key factor when selecting a new home or moving to a new country can be the local availability of suitable healthcare particularly if you have a young family or aging relatives relocating with you.

In general the United Kingdom is a healthy place in which to live, although expatriates coming from warmer climates may need to adjust to the damp, cold winter weather and may find that, at first, they are susceptible to head colds and other minor ailments. Air pollution caused by vehicle emissions is present in most cities but does not constitute a major health hazard. Pollen counts are broadcast on the radio during the spring and summer months.


Britain has a government subsidised National Health Service (NHS), which operates local and regional hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and clinics, providing all your healthcare requirements.

Under the current regulations, anyone who is engaging in employment with an employer who has his principle place of business in the UK, or who is a self-employed person whose principle place of business is in the UK is fully exempt from NHS hospital charges in England. This exemption applies to your spouse, civil partner and children (under the age of 16 or 19 if in further education) if they are living with you in the UK on a permanent basis.

For more definitive information please visit the Department of Health website.

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This section provides you with the ability to research the healthcare services within an area of interest to you whilst also detailing in the beside navigation some tips on registering with your new doctor or dentist and further general healthcare information including links to private healthcare suppliers.

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