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View areas by selecting from the list below:

Write a list of the things that are important to you in your move such as:-

  • Whether you want to live in a town or in a rural location
  • What price range
  • What type of property - new or old
  • What type of amenities are important to you
  • What accommodation you need

Once you have this list together with your list of towns to consider, you can go into the area information. Each one of these searches should help you narrow your list down further.

From here, you can search each of the areas looking at:-

  • The town descriptions to see if this is somewhere which appeals
  • The desirability and property type mapping
  • The local information section
  • General information section

If the area you have selected is not a perfect fit for your property type/amenities, check out the surrounding areas to look at areas with differing property types and then concentrate your search around these areas.

We have also added helpful information on other move related topics - such as local schooling.