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Hopefully by now you have a list of areas that meet your needs with regards to property type, desirability and local amenities. It is now worth searching in more detail for properties. There are a variety of ways to do this - here are some suggestions:-

  • Searching property portals click here for a list of the main ones.
  • When searching these portals, remember that they can each hold different estate agent’s properties. Rightmove is the largest portal site.
  • Property portals are best used to find the price of properties depending on:
    a. The number of bedrooms they have
    b. The age of properties
    c. Which agents have the type of property in your price range
  • Once you have the list of agents, it is then worth looking at their sites.
  • Finally, many local areas have their own newspaper property section. These are now on-line, we have listed the main papers in the local property papers section. Alternatively, once you have selected an area, the local property papers which cover that area have been listed.