Selling your home

The majority of people employ an Estate Agent to sell their property.

You can market the property yourself to avoid agents fees. However, this may take up more of your time and you may suffer without the benefit of professional advice. When using an Estate Agent consider the following:

  • Agents will normally charge commission based on a percentage of the selling price. Shop around for quotes
  • The cheapest may not be the best. Ask friends or family for recommendations. Alternatively ask some other sellers shown on the agents’ books what service they are receiving
  • Signing up to a sole agent will be cheaper than signing up with two or more
  • If using a sole agent initially only do so for a few weeks. This will provide an incentive for the agent to concentrate on selling your property. If you're not happy you can soon swap agents
  • Multiple agents may be more expensive but you may receive more potential buyers and sell faster

Agents may provide different property valuations. An agent with an unrealistically high valuation may be doing so to encourage you to use them, but there is no guarantee that the price can be achieved.