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Personalised Drivetime

Here we have developed an innovative tool, to identify postcodes that fall within a 60 minute drivetime of the Southampton site at peak travel time. This may be useful for identifying if a proposed new home meets the Relocation Policy eligibility criteria, or if moving home privately is within a conveniently commutable distance.

To use the quick search system below, simply type in the postcode of a property you may be interested in purchasing. The system will then calculate the drivetime from this postcode to the Lloyd's Register Group Site. If the drivetime exceeds 60 minutes, the system will not produce a drivetime.

When using the system please follow the below guidelines:

5 digit postcodes enter for example: W8 6ED
6 digit postcodes enter for example: GU2 8BE
7 digit postcodes enter for example: RG42 6YB