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Within the confines of this section of the site we have provided a general overview and graphic depictions for drivetime
and public transport commuting around Southampton.


Public transport

The public transport section details information as to the public transport
infrastructure for Southampton and the surrounding area.

Whilst in addition we have provided links to national rail mapping depicting the
available routes around the site and further useful websites links appertaining to
public transport within the area in question.


Drivetime mapping

The HomeMatch system provides the functionality to estimate the time taken to
travel between geographical points resulting in regions being defined more
accurately by estimated drivetimes rather than, for example, crow-fly distances.

For a further overview of the functionality of the system and a graphic depiction of
those areas contained within an approximate 60 minute drivetime of the Southampton site, please select the drivetime option from the transport section navigation menu.

Personlised Drivetime

Personalised drivetime

Here we have developed an innovative tool, to identify postcodes that fall within a 60
minute drivetime of the Lloyd's Register Group site, at peak travel time. Click here to
go to the personalised drivetime section.